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Trends come and go, but it looks like classic hair is here to stay. Over the past few seasons, we’ve transitioned from staight one length hair with solid all-over colour to a softer and more natural looking layered hair cut with beachy curls and balayage colour for movement. Today, the look is sun-kissed, grown out and slightly unkempt. The slow-fade styles add depth, dimension and you don’t have to visit the salon every few weeks for a touch-up.


Ombré? Balayage? Highlights? What’s the difference? Amanda explains, “They’re all highlighting techniques, but each create subtle differences. An Ombre creates a crescendo effect of less highlight at the top of the head to a heavier colored look at the neck and shoulder line of the hairstyle, usually on long one length hair . With traditional foils, Highlights are more uniform and defined in technique allowing many different contrasted looks for any hairstyle. Highlights can also be used to create a full color change without the grow out demarcation that an all over color produces in a months time. Balayage, taken from the French word meaning “to sweep”, is a freehand technique in which specific woven hair is sectioned and hand painted with a lightening agent. After painting, each section may or may not be covered in cellophane or foil to separate that section. Balayage highlights are less systematically placed, you end up with less symmetrical, more random highlights, resulting in a more casual, beachy look."


La Relance offers the iconic smoothing brand recognized by name, BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT. It is the most imitated smoothing brand on the market, so be aware of those imitators. When you book an appointment anywhere other than La Relance there are a few things to consider. Be sure you’re receiving the one and only original Brazilian Blowout professional smoothing treatment as performed by any of our certified stylists. Be aware of their certification and the use of the original product that we proudly display while smoothing your hair.

La Relance requires all of our stylists to be certified in order to perform the Brazilian Blowout Treatment properly .



"I have been a client of La Relance Salon for over 12 years. I would never consider going anywhere else.  

The stylists are true artists.  

I have been stopped on the street many times and asked

'Where do you get your hair done?'  

It's always a pleasure to visit this salon--I have sent my friends and they have become regular clients--along with their children!"

Sue N, Winnetka

"This small, warm and personal salon is staffed by extremely talented professionals who really know and understand hair.  My color has never looked better and more natural.  My hair style is perfect for my hair type, full of layers and movement, and easy for me to style myself.  The best part of every visit to this salon are the back, neck,and hand massages that are complimentary as my color processes.  

Always a great experience!"

Emily B, Glencoe

"The entire crew at La Relance Salon are the best in the industry led by Amanda, an incredible photographer, stylist, teacher, mentor and networker. I can not recommend them enough. Creme de la creme!"

Angie Mitchell 


La Relance Salon


Photography Boutique
661 Vernon Ave.
Glencoe, Il. 60022

Call or Text 847.242.9292

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