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~  Salon Covid Policies ~

September 1, 2021 update


~Face Masks Are Required!  

~We operate at 50% Capacity per stylist with one on one appointments.


~Our staff will wear masks and are on a very tight schedule due to the many clients needing to book into our one on one scheduling.


~Please Reschedule your appointment if you feel the slightest bit sick or have been exposed to someone that has the Covid virus. 

~We are Suspending Complimentary Services. 

Hand Massages are suspended indefinitely. We will Continue the Shoulder and Scalp Massages along with our Hot Towel Conditioning Treatments.

~Bring your own snacks and beverages.

~We have touchless payment options available.


~We will Blow Dry hair as it is vital to our professional color and styling work. You may choose not to but will be charged for the full service due to the limited capacity and new booking times available.


~There will be an Additional $50 Color fee to clients with more than 6 to 8 weeks of root outgrowth. Specifically More Than the normal Half of an Inch That Grows Per Month, additional fee due to not having color applied on a regularly scheduled timing of 4-6 weeks.


All Precautions will be Monitored Daily and May Change at Any Time.



Thank You for Your Continued Support!

La Relance Salon ~ Amanda and Summer