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Romancing the Hair at La Relance Salon

Are you having a bad hair day? Just like our skin our hair ages as well. Product lines are booming with sales for anti aging beauty products.
But what does aging hair really mean?

Teens to Twenty’s
Hair is usually as healthy and attractive in its natural state as it will ever be. Even with course-textured hair its natural state, after being tamed, will be shiny and full. Some people may have oily hair due to hormone changes or a poor diet. Washing daily with a balancing shampoo and rinse for the ends will help keep the skin calm. Dry it thoroughly to the scalp after washing to avoid skin rashes or itchiness at the nape of the neck. A balanced diet rich in Omega oils, calcium, and protein play an important role in healthy hair. 

Thirty’s to Forty’s
Gray hairs that are thick and wiry often first appear now. Color is used to help smooth and bring back a youthful shine to the newly textured hair. Hair may start to feel thinner due to fewer active follicles and a decrease in the diameter of the hair shaft. Men may see this more at this age. Men should use a deep cleansing and stimulating natural based shampoo to increase blood flow to the scalp and follicle. Women that know thinning hair is genetically passed, should also properly cleans and stimulate their scalp to at least decrease the chances of losing more hair as they age. Many people choose to start using Rogaine to help stimulate new hair growth. This works but once the product is not used any new hair grown will be lost due to the active ingredient not being applied. To help support your hair continue a balanced diet and take quality supplements to provide vitamins and antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E, zinc and biotin.

Fifty’s and Up 
Hair will become more fragile now. It is likely to break or suffer from exposure to UV rays and other stresses. Be cautious with old styling tools. Blow dryers and brushes need to be replaced at least every couple of years. If you are using a five-year-old hair dryer it may be over heating and burning your hair as you dry it. Brushes can have bent bristles from being stuffed into cabinets or drawers, this will shred your hair as you are drying it and cannot be repaired only cut off. 
Overly highlighted hair will break and permanent all over hair color will fade from all of the new gray hairs. Your colorist will need to rebalance the ends of your hair at least every third color root touch up service with a completely different color formula to best treat the faded hair needs. This is an additional charge to your service but it is a must for any aging hair to look its best. Always use an integrity shampoo and mask, a rinse will usually not provide enough moisture to the original lack luster hair. Remember just because you have colored your hair does not mean you have changed what your natural hair is. It will always be aging hair that needs the most attention to become full and shiny. Using triple threat products will leave your hair in a beautiful place creating thicker, fuller, and shinier hair both in look and feel. This is why working with a hair stylist that knows your hair is vital to finding the proper products and tools to get your best hair! It is not always a sales pitch when stylists are working with you to create your best hair. I have years of experience and knowledge readily available to help you. At La Relance I stand behind our products. If you decide you do not like what you purchased we will first make sure you know how to use it properly and if that fails we will credit your account or exchange it for another to suit your needs. 

Its not easy when there is an over abundance of hair and skin care products retailed everywhere. Reviews will not work because no one has the same hair needs. So shopping on line is not your best option. I suggest that you schedule a blow dry with your stylist. Have a consultation about your hair needs and discuss what you have in your cabinets already. You may need to change just one thing or maybe get rid of it all, but talking through it is the best option. Bring the products and tools you have and use to that scheduled appointment, this will help you in so that you are not guessing the names of the many products you have stored so carefully in your cabinets throughout the consultation. You will be surprised how learning what to do with your products can change everything! 

-Amanda Iqbal Owner La Relance Salon, Glencoe
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